Prayer Requests

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


Please can you pray for this house I feel very attacked. It’s a nice location but bad house because of cursed objects. (I think)

Received: December 3, 2021


had surgery a few weeks ago , and the wounds are not healing like they should

Received: December 2, 2021


wisdom on driving with her eyes the way they are

Received: December 2, 2021


for wisdom and direction , they are both hurtful and attacking each other over everything

Received: December 2, 2021


feeling overwhelmed and drained , strength to make it through this season

Received: December 2, 2021


to text or call home and let people know she is okay

Received: December 2, 2021

christian business

needing customers to pay there invoices in full , and needing new business to keep the doors open

Received: December 2, 2021


that the guy that showed up today work out and the other guy who is suppose to come tomorrow work out and we can keep business going

Received: December 2, 2021

Dawn Henbest

Please pray I live in a group home I can't afford the rent they want $1,000 please pray that my aunt and my therapist will get me out of there to get me other houses by next year that they will be an opening in another group home on the telephone I am getting mentally emotionally abused of where I'm living in and I can't afford the rent and I'm going to be evicted please pray that they find other house in for me soon as possible stop by the middle of next year or sooner they will find an opening that they work together to get me out of the use of situation I'm living in cuz I can't afford rent please paradise spend time with my family for the holidays and I go home on the weekends to spend time with my family and do overnights with my family please pray for my pets my praying mantis that they stay in good health people have killed at home than my god's creatures please pray for their safety to health and their protection please pray I don't lose any more of my praying mantis pets wherever I move that they will come with me please pray that my therapist in my conservative my aunt will find out the house and soon as possible that they're working on it to get me out of there I can't afford to run they want too much money to stay won't pay it then please pray I get out amen

Received: December 1, 2021

Maggie Morgan

For WAPN for a hedge of protection over the station and tower, and everyone listening and ministering.

Received: November 30, 2021

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