About Us

Dedicated to Gordon Lund

Gordon Lund first broadcast WAPN 91.5FM live on-air on September 26, 1985. WAPB 91.7 first went live in April of 2005. Both stations are licensed to Public Radio, Inc.

Gordon, and the Lund family, were originally farmers from Minnesota. Knowing full well the virtues of seed and harvest. Gordon inherited family land, and he used the proceeds from the sale of the land to fund the beginnings of WAPN.In this way, Gordon sewed the seed to for souls.

The call letters WAPN stand for “Word and Praise Network”

In 2005, Gordon went home to be with the Lord. Today, WAPN continues to carry out the vision and purpose set forth by Gordon:

“A community radio station… proclaiming God’s word,
and praying for one-another”

We thank all of our listeners and community contributors for their faithfulness and support to enable Gordon’s vision to be accomplished.

God bless each and every one of you!